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How to Use Our Vig Calculator

To calculate the vig for a sportsbook's odds:

  1. Select the format for your odds (American, decimal, fractional, etc.)
  2. Enter both sides' odds.

Once you enter valid odds, the vig calculator will automatically output the vig percentage.

What is Vig?

Vig, short for Vigorish, is the extra odds sportsbooks add to their markets to help them ensure a profit. Vig is also frequently referred to as "juice" or the "house edge".

Vig Example

In a 2-way bet, it's common to see both sides having -110 American odds (roughly 1.91 decimal odds, 10/11 fractional). In reality, the probability of each side winning should total to 100%. However, odds of -110 imply a 52.38% probability, totaling to 104.76% for this example. This additional 4.76% is the vig that helps sportsbooks ensure a profit.

Using our bet calculator, we can see that a winning $100 bet at -110 odds pays out $190.91 (the initial $100 bet plus $90.91 of profit). If both sides of a wager have -110 odds and the sportsbook gets $100 of bets on each side, the sportsbook will make $9.09 of risk-free profit.

  • The sportsbook has taken in $200 of bets ($100 on each side).
  • They pay $190.91 to winners (their initial $100 in bets + $90.91 of winnings).
  • The sportsbook profits $9.09 ($200 - $190.91), regardless of the outcome.

Note: You can use our no-vig odds calculator to see what the "fair odds" would be without the sportsbook adding juice to their lines.